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    I think you are correct, going back quite a ways...

    I think you are correct, going back quite a ways in time. However, the new ones have reinforcing, and they are set on mortar beds, so cracking is no longer and issue. Further, the surface it is...
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    Handling A Heavy Terrazzo Shower Pan

    I am getting ready to install a terrazzo shower pan in a small guest bathroom. There is no room or access to get machinery anywhere near to where the pan needs to be. The walls to the shower room...
  3. Do Toilet Installatoins Still Use Plumber's Putty

    A while back I saw a Bob Villa demo of how to install a toilet with one of those "unifit" units. I noticed that they did not bother to roll a bead of plumber's putty and run it along the edge of the...
  4. Unifit - Measure and Adjust?

    IN the Bob Vila video they don't show them measuring and then adjusting the Unifit adapter so that the distance from the back of the tank to the wall is correct. Isn't that something that should...
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    What Does Rough-In REALLY Mean?

    I'm confused. I understand that a 12" rough -in toilet means that is it intended to be installed with the flange bolts being 12" from the surface of the wall behind the toilet. Have I got that...
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