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    Tie sink vent & boiler vent together?

    I have a wall mounted high efficiency boiler. It is direct vented with 3 inch PVC outside the house. I am going to be adding a sink and need to vent it quickly, can I tie into this, or will it cause...
  2. To Jay MPLS

    Actually I am located in Minnesota as well, what a coincidence. I think I will rent a snapper for under the floor and that should go pretty quick. For the vent I didn't really understand what you...
  3. Going with the assumption

    Would it be safe to just go with the assumption and tie it in under the attic floor. What would happen if the toilet wasnt properly vented and my assumption was wrong. Would it just go against code,...
  4. Where to tie in the drain?

    I have actually cut into CI before and tied in a Y for a washer and dryer drain. I think I will be able to do the same here without too much trouble, I just use a angle grinder and saw right through...
  5. Adding a bathroom in the attic, deciphering the current plumbing

    I am adding a bathroom in my attic, and when I opened up the wall it looked like the plumbing was already set for a bathroom, including a separate vent line and 2 capped off copper water lines (see...
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