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  1. Disappointed in Toto ultramax flush - is the hype all hooey?

    Bought the ultramax for a powder room remodel on our newly purchased second home. Was very excited and did not mind spending more to get better. Researched til I was blind and decided on the...
  2. Regret?

    Why will I regret it, prithee tell?
  3. Where can I find an extra long sink drain extension pipe in brushed nickel?

    Installing a Pegasus sink drain and a Pegasus bottle trap in a farmhouse sink base that sits on an open stand (from Restoration Hardware). These drain and the trap assembly are brushed nickel. The...
  4. Help! Toto ultramx rocking side to side- does it need to be shimmed?

    My handyman is installing my toto ultramax and it is rocking side to side. The gap between the floor and the toilet is 1/4". Do we need to shim it? It sits on tumbled travertine 8" sq and floor...
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