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    Washer Drain Lint Trap Advice NEEDED:

    I just did a $170 dance with rotor-rooter because my washing machine was clogged with lint... WHAT choices do I have for a "drain pipe lint trap" (i don't have a laundry tray) Pro's? cons? Where to...
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    We purchased a Commercial 'Institution' Wall-Hung Toilet immediately AFTER the NEW..

    restrictions were announced in California.... so we would have a 'back-up' in case we ever need to replace one of our three wall hung toilets. There was/is no difference in the plumbing...
  3. Thanks!! BUT I guess I failed to make myself clear... Sorry!

    From the DAY they were installed TWO of their three identical toilets have NEVER 'swallowed' properly.... The toilets were new when my neighbors built their home in 1973...

    Unfortunately, as was...
  4. 1973 Kohler Toilet doesn't 'Swallow' properly..

    My neighbors are tired of having to multiple flush their 30 year old toilets that have NEVER 'swallowed' properly.... Down through years, they have repeatedly pursued a cure, & while some local...
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