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    I also have problem with horsetails in my flower...

    I also have problem with horsetails in my flower bed. It started from very small spot in wet area of the bed. I was busy with work and neglected to rid them for months and months. Then they spread...
  2. What're seat and spring in faucet?

    Thank you all for the recommendations! Special thanks for info on series of Delta faucet that use ceramic disc.

    I don't like the Delta design as much as the designer brand. The handles of the...
  3. Any good materials for bathroom other than tiles?

    Thanks thezster. Yes - moving the trim. Why didn't I think of it b4??

    I'm not sure I like tiles on the floor. I spent a lot of time cleaning the grout between tiles in the shower room. It seems...
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    Not the pop-up type

    Pay a fee is another option. But I'd rather have ads than paying. :) And I think having the pay the fee may deter some people who contribute to this forums. But, I'm not suggesting the pop-up type...
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    Why not add ads?

    Hi Terry,
    I just join the forum and found the info you have very useful. The moderator and yourself seem to be active in responding and helping forum members. I never run forum like this myself, and...
  6. Thanks for the great info! I wonder if I can...

    Thanks for the great info! I wonder if I can peel off the linoleum, inspect the floor, and if ok replace with a good quality linoleum. If I were to install tile floor, the tiles might come up a...
  7. How to fix wet area by the tub & what material for bathroom floor?

    My small bathroom has linoleum floor. The problem is the linoleum next to the bath tub becomes curl up. I have tried to chaulk between the linoleum floor and tub a few times but am unable to seal it...
  8. Thanks!

    Thank you both! The faucet poll is great, Terry! And I do agree I think designer is probably focus on what looks nice first. I trust plumbers' opinions when it comes to faucets. You guys probably...
  9. Do faucets with ceramic valve worth the price?

    Hello -
    I'm shopping for new faucet for bathroom. I like the 8" wide spread in antique finish. There is a lot of price difference between the regular brand and the brands "sold by interior...
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