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    Retrofit and Air Gap

    I have a dishwasher hooked up to my disposal with a high loop under the sink. Every now and then, I get a sewer-type smell in the dishwasher. I was thinking of installing an air gap, but I have...
  2. Water removal from an outdoor below grade stairwell

    I have an 80 year old house with a basement walkout that floods in heavy rains. The drain that's there was disconnected before we purchased the house and cannot be reconnected without breaking up a...
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    Covering AC line set on outside of house

    Does anyone have any suggestions for covering / dressing up the line set coming down the side of the house from an attic AC unit?

    I have white siding and the black foam just pops right out at...
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    no - no problems, just hear a lot of horror...

    no - no problems, just hear a lot of horror stories. Most people don't have anything installed, but my city uses the same lines for storm and sewage.

    The fact that I think my sewer line has...
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    Sewer Backwater / Check Valve

    I have to replace about 40 feet of sewer line and my cleanout. I don't have overhead sewer lines, so I was also interested in installing a backflow preventer as well.

    However, I've heard mixed...
  6. Thread: Gutter Screens

    by wlam08

    Gutter Screens

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I suspect most everyone has run into the same issues I have.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for gutter screens? Either the ones that go in...
  7. All good advice. I dry-fit the PVC twist-in...

    All good advice. I dry-fit the PVC twist-in flange and bewtween the rubber gasket, the stack and the PVC, I had enough give to mount the flange flush with the floor. I'm still checking for leaks on...
  8. I appreciate the help. I used a 4 inch angle...

    I appreciate the help. I used a 4 inch angle grinder with a metal cutting blade to cut vertical slits in the top of the stack every 1/2 inch. It was relatively easy to snap each tab off with a set...
  9. Cast iron pipe too high and tilted - please help!

    I have a very silmilar problem to lancevs in the 11-20 post "tilted iron pipe."

    I removed an old toilet about a year ago to have wood floors installed. (yes a year ago - it's a powder room and I...
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