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  1. Cimarron, the sequel

    Has anyone here used the new, Class Six version of the Cimarron?

    According to this Consumer Reports blog entry, the Class Six flush system can be configured as a HET (1.28 gpf) or for 1.6-gpf...
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    Thanks for the replies. Here are some of the...

    Thanks for the replies. Here are some of the possibilities I uncovered.

    At my local Home Depot I saw light controls made by Westek (parent company: AmerTac). One model, the SLC6CBC, is a screw-in...
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    photocell + CFL don't play well with DSL

    Outside the front door of our house is a wall lantern controlled by an indoor switch. Last year, I replaced the incandescent bulb in the lantern with a CFL. The lantern had a 20-year-old...
  4. I've been using a Cimarron (round bowl version)...

    I've been using a Cimarron (round bowl version) for about a year. This is my home's first 1.6-gpf toilet, and it has produced mixed results.

    We bought it because of its availability (it was at...
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