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  1. Quality of tub

    We had a aqua glass eleganza bathtub installed by we thought a professional.Two months later we found a crack right at the bottom of the side.The company sent us a replacement .The company said it...
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    6 inch crackin new plastic tub

    We had a new aqua-glass tub installed by a licensed ins.,he said,carpenter last summer.Christmas day we saw a leak downstairs.I thought it was the drain pipes.No it was the tub upstairs had a 6 inch...
  3. newly installed tub cracked

    we had a new aqua-glass eleganza bathtub installed about five months ago. My son noticed a 6 inch crack in it right on the curve Christmas morning. The called the company and they did send us a new...
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    We just found out christmas morning that our new...

    We just found out christmas morning that our new tub which is exactly the same eleganza tub you are talking about had cracked just above the curve towards the front of the tub.My son was home for...
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    trouble with bathtub

    We purchased a Lowes eleganza tub and had in installed by supposedly a pro carpenter.This was six months ago when it was finally finished with ceramic tilef all around. Christmas day this year ,four...
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