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  1. Thank you for all your information. I have raised...

    Thank you for all your information. I have raised bungalow, 2 bedroom upstairs, bathroom, open concept living room, dinning, kitchen, 65 ft. of baseboard. Down stairs, 2 bedroom, bathroom, family...
  2. replacement oil boiler with propane condencing boiler vs conventional gas boiler


    I think I have to replace my oil boiler which is about 60( I think it is the original boiler) years old as it does no longer meet codes, I cannot get any more oil delivered unless I can fix...
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    screw hole in copper pipe


    I was putting a plywood sub floor down today in my entrance way on top of plank flooring and screwing the plywood down. When I was finish I proudly looked at my work. Thinking I was getting...
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