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  1. Sticky: ha ha ha ha

    redwood to funny! Yes grasping for straws or trying to deflect the truth that American water heaters are the biggesr fraud ever thrust on the plumbing world since PVC pipe for sanitary water lines....
  2. Sticky: tankless heaters

    I'm not sold on tankless. Consumer reports isn't either. Unless you have elephants to wash why bother. Look it up. Although I think they have been using them overseas for years with some success. I'm...
  3. Sticky: of course I vacumed out the whirlpool

    Yes she is good looking. Try going two weeks with intermittent hot water. You'll be the happiest person around when you get it back.I did everything and installed everything properly and then I gave...
  4. Sticky: dont bother

    replaced both those items and it still didn't work. I gave up after two weeks without water.
  5. Sticky: I gave up on the 3 yr swirlpool

    I love the pedal the part on a bicycle across the country. Funny. After replacing everything but the tank I pulled it out and it's sitting on my porch. I bought a rheem and even when you first open...
  6. Sticky: whirlpool heater

    The thermostat control valve is turned all the way up and as a matter of fact I had this problem before a tech came out and replaced it so what else might it be???
  7. Sticky: whirlpool junk now what

    Hey I've been following the threads about my whirlpool water holder(heater would be a misnomer). Last week my tenant called to tell me she had no hot water. I tried the usual things. Pilot wouldn't...
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