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    Sanitation codes....

    Too many supposedly adult men pee on the seat, thus sanitation codes were written making open front seats madatory in public restrooms.

    Aren't you glad you asked?
  2. Flush Valve Gasket Blisters!!!!!!

    I changed out my flapper valve last night. The rubber ring gasket which seals the flapper valve had approximately...
  3. Short life of flapper valve.....

    I installed a Cadet-III in our upstairs bath in June of 2007. Recently the flapper valve started leaking, causing the toilet to partially re-fill two or three times a day.

    I just bouhgt a new...
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    Toto and toilet seats

    I was all set to buy a Toto Drake toilet to replace the 25+ year old tempermental Gerber in our upstairs bath. While at the Luxury Bath Shop the salesman had nothing but praises for all of the...
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