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  1. Remote sensor shutoff valve for water heater

    On The New This Old House I saw an episode that put a 2 inch pan underneath the water heater, installed a remote sensor that detects water in the pan and at a certain depth triggers a new shutoff...
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    Anode rod replacement in water heater

    In Feb 1997, I heard a new noise in the house from my kitchen that was coming from the basement. You guessed it, my water heater blew its top. I had it replaced with the same kind - a Ruudglas...
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    Thanks for the feedback about the washing machine...

    Thanks for the feedback about the washing machine hoses! Great advice.

    And the pressure was a solid 38 psi at the spigot in front of the house.

    When the town installs a booster pump for our...
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    Curious about my water pressure

    I just had my water service line (galvanized) replaced with 1 inch plastic from the town shutoff on my front lawn to my house. What a difference! I then had the town run a flow (velocity) rate test...
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