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  1. will vent work properly

    what i want to do is go a foot to sixteen inches straight down from shower drain, hook on semi-circular curved part of trap, then travel straight up and connect to elbow outlet of trap at a height...
  2. how deep can a p-trap go into bsmt floor

    shower is 2" drain and i want to vent with 2" as well, the sewer line is 11" deep in the cement floor, can i lower my trap below the sewer line then come up to the vent and slope down to the sewer...
  3. Poll: cutter

    hey pal i said i was trying this out for the first time, i did it wrong and u don't have to get pissy about it, the rat man provided competent instructions on how to use the cutter, which is what i...
  4. Poll: chain cutter

    all i can rent here is a ratcheting chain cutter, i read on another site to spray the cut line with wd-40, will that help at all, the pipe is a pipe within a pipe, the outside was covered in rust...
  5. Poll: proper use of 4" CI chain/snap cutter

    i have to cut approx 6' of 80 yr old 4" underground CI pipe out, should i do this in 1 piece or sections, also i have been looking around and people are calling chain/snap cutters the same thing or 2...
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    bsmt bath drain routing

    building bsmt bath, shower toilet vanity, house built 1925, sewer pipe was easy to get to but about 3' closer to toilet than i anticipated, small house cannot move anything around unfortunately,...
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