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    PEX Homerun manifold - use 1/2" or 3/8"?

    I will be re-plumbing our new old 1923 home with pex. I have studied some of the installation materials and have decided to use a manifold system. I know it will cost me a few more bucks in pipe...
  2. My heating contractor looked at things and...

    My heating contractor looked at things and concluded the following:

    It is definitely a condensation issue.

    Flue size opening is appropriate - the contractor and I got up on the roof and viewed...
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    Electric water heater on a timer?

    Does anyone have an opinion on putting a timer onto an electric hot water heater (brand new A O Smith - 50 gallons)?

    I'm thinking it may be a help in our situation with a 2nd home which my wife is...
  4. The instruction book only talks about minimums...

    The instruction book only talks about minimums but does not discuss any maximum sizes.

    Perhaps a good cleaning of the flue is all it needs or do the experts here think a metal liner (stainless?)...
  5. New boiler, moisture/soot mix running in basement

    We bought a 2nd home recently (built in 1923) that my wife uses during the week, empty on weekends. New Oil boiler was installed shortly after we bought the home, New Yorker that the manufacturer...
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    Loud hum from doorbell transformer

    I just bought an 1923 home which has a neat working door bell which may be original. Anyway there is a very loud buzz originating from the transformer.

    Could it be as simple as swapping out the...
  7. None of the lines are in any outside walls. I...

    None of the lines are in any outside walls. I can see all the plumbing in the basement and all the lines stay there until they pop up through the floor to the radiators in the first floor.

  8. Boiler at a part time 2nd home & programable thermostat

    My wife works away from home during the week and we recently purchased a 2nd home that she is in Monday evening about 5pm through Friday morning about 8am.

    It is a 1923 bungalow with a brand new...
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