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    Drake tank gasket can leak

    A while ago, I posted a question about whether the Toto Drake tank gasket can leak. I suspected it after experiencing a slow leak and efforts to sand and seal the tank bolts didn't seem to help. ...
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    So what is the purpose of caulking around the...

    So what is the purpose of caulking around the base of the toilet?

    I never caulked around the base because I wanted to see if/when the flange seal failed and started leaking. The previous toilet...
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    Tank gasket

    Is anyone having problems getting the tank gasket to sit flush with the tank as described in Jamie's Instructions? I can't get my gasket to sit flush because the shoulder inside the gasket sits on...
  4. I guess I'm not crazy

    You know, I was thinking of doing something like that. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy. I was considering splicing a piece of a second ring into one ring to get the diameter of the ring...
  5. Got a look at what I'm against

    Pulled my toilet Saturday to see what I was up against and took a stroll through the Home Depot plumbing department to get some answers to my questions.

    On maintaining the seal with Super Rings...
  6. Is toilet/flange joint supposed to be watertight?

    Ok, I always thought the joint between a closet flange and a toilet is supposed to be watertight with the wax ring forming the seal.

    But reading this forum, I see things like red rings and spacer...
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