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  1. Best way to install bathtub (esp drain) over crawlspace in cold climate?

    We're installing a new soaking tub in our bathroom renovation. The floor is completely gutted so we can build this however we like. Below the floor joists is a very shallow crawl space, dirt is only...
  2. Thanks!

    Thanks folks!

    So it seems like we're down to either the gable end with a long run, or through the roof.

    Roof is only a 5:12 pitch, but we could put the cap near the ridge.. which hopefully...
  3. Confused!! Should we vent bath fan through roof, soffit, gable end?

    Our house is built of thick masonry block. NOT fun to drill through! It's a one-story ranch in Maine, so we have cold snowy winters and humid summers.

    We need to replace a bathroom exhaust fan...
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