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  1. just realized, i already purchased one faucet...

    just realized, i already purchased one faucet that has the pop-up assembly included and another that is without the assembly. looking at the faucet with the pop-up, the ball rod will be WAY too...
  2. i posted the wrong picture, this is the 39 inch...

    i posted the wrong picture, this is the 39 inch sink. we're installing the 47 inch sink. thanks.
  3. two faucets one drain sink...can i use faucets with standard popup drain?


    this is the sink we're installing. we're using the hansgrohe puravida faucets. i was wondering in this setup, do we just connect one of the popup drain assemblies and the other will be a...
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    thanks for the replies. @johnfrwhipple...with...

    thanks for the replies.

    @johnfrwhipple...with high ceilings, do you typically have a very long extension pipe? how are the aesthetics of that? what is the longest pipe you've had to install?
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    max height for ceiling rain shower head?

    hi all,

    this is my first time posting. we are renovating our master bathroom and we want to vault the ceiling. the highest height will be over the shower. we are doing the Hansgrohe PuraVida...
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