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    sand under Filox? tank filter for house

    rebedding my EcoWater ETF 2100 pf-10. 10" by 44" tank filter with backwash.

    I already added the garnet (rated 140 lb/ft3)
    I was planning to add 10 lb sand (100 lb/ft3) per Ecowater manual.
  2. That 40922 bottom screen is so highly recommended...

    That 40922 bottom screen is so highly recommended it must be the cat's meow. Where can they be purchased?

    working on an Ecowater ETF 2100 PF10. Currently screening the media to see if it's...
  3. Thanks for the response Mialynette. I couldn't...

    Thanks for the response Mialynette. I couldn't get aholt of a camera very soon to send the pic. I did finally find a cooperating Ecowater dealer. The Receptionist made a correct diagnosis based on...
  4. water softener continuously runs to drain ECR 3500 Ecowater

    Ecowater ECR3500 R30 softener, installed 2008.
    Private well, 26 gn hardness, 2 ppm iron.
    We had to pull the well pump twice in one day for some repairs. Afterwards, there was lots of dirt...
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