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  1. Thanks -- that's good to know. I think I'll...

    Thanks -- that's good to know. I think I'll just go ahead and risk replacing it then in a couple months (when the attic gets tolerable to work in). Might save me the cost of a new heater ......
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    Electric Water Heater Brands

    There are several notes in a couple of threads that strongly recommend Bradford-White as "the brand" to get for gas water heaters.

    Is that also true for electric units? If not, what are the...
  3. Yes, I'm well aware that effectively I've turned...

    Yes, I'm well aware that effectively I've turned a 50 gal tank into perhaps a 25 gallon tank in terms of the actual amount of hot water, since it's being heated from the middle.

    But it does seem...
  4. Update -- and follow-up question

    Okay, I simply disconnected the two wires that lead from the upper thermostat to the lower thermostat & element and re-applied power to the unit.

    It now works "perfectly" -- but obviously with...
  5. Replacing the element question

    Yes, I know the safety controls are on the upper thermostat --my question was simply could I just use a single-element thermostat (which also has the safety switch, etc.). It sounds like the...
  6. Single element thermostat on dual element heater

    I've determined that the lower element is bad on a 10-year old State water heater (a Franklin, TN model). I plan to replace the heater with a Bradford-White, based on the recommendations here...
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    Brand Recommendations for Electric Heaters

    Do the comments about r.e. Bradford White & others apply to electric heaters as well? In particular, is there any problem with the electric version sitting in a drain pan?
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