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  1. Switched from Kohler to Toto - Wow Bowl/Seat Sure Is Smaller!

    After years of utilizing a one piece kohler toilet I was shocked when our new Toto Ultramax EL toilet arrived. My wife was worried if I'd fit on the seat :-)

    Seriously though, why is the Toto...
  2. Is 45 PSI at Point of Use (shower head) enough pressure?

    I'm considering the installation of an electronic tankless water heater that allows GPM of approx. 3 GPM and constricts pressure to 45 PSI.

    Is 45PSI "plenty" of pressure for a shower?

    PS: This...
  3. Is Toto Drake ADA Model "Too High" for normal use?

    I want a "comfort height" type toilet and I need a super flushing toilet. THe Drake two piece looks like the best performance for the buck, however it's not available in a true "comfort height". ...
  4. Seek Help with Estimate/Budget for Plumbing Rough-in and Finish Costs

    I'm GC'ing a beach home rental property I'm building south of Wilmington, NC. I'm not yet ready to distribute my blueprints for subcontractors to bid, but I was hoping to start putting together a...
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