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    Repetitive Water Hammering: Problem Resolved

    I resolved the problem I posed to the forum last week. When I removed the 39 gallon low boy electric water heater it gave me better view of a tight nest of copper piping secluded in the closet wall...
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Don. The suggestion...

    Thanks for the feedback, Don. The suggestion about posting to the electrical forum is a good one.

    A ground fault interrupter probably wouldn't work with a tankless water heater of the kind I...
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    What Causes Repetitive Water Hammering?

    I have a condo with a 10 year old, 40 gallon electric water heater. I have city-supplied water. Obviously I'm due for a new water heater real soon. I live in a region with very hard tap water.
  4. Tankless Water Heaters: Safety Certifications?

    I'm an electrical engineer whose job requires me to design and submit 240/277VAC power control products to Underwriters Laboratories for safety approval. To do my job I have to maintain constant...
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