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    What does Toto mean by "close coupled" ?

    Does this mean that the distance, from a line between the two seat bolt holes and the tank, is shorter than the distance on other models, or something else? Thanks in advance.
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    There *is* a solder which works great....

    but you will not find it in an orange or blue/white "big box" store. The problems with plumbing solder are: #1, the joints are too weak; and #2, it can't handle the stresses and vibration which A/C...
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    Don't forget! Code (and safety) probably REQUIRES some kind of base.

    I don't know the exact code requirements of your Province/City, or even your Nation. But in the USA, gas fired burners and pilot lights must be installed at least 18" above garage and basement...
  4. Agreed. I'll ask DW about pulling the trigger tonight.

    Yep, I'm using the actual therms, not the total dollars in the bill, then working backwards into a water heater "cost of use". But the killer issue is filling the tub, I've got to have a much higher...
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    CA requires both strapping AND flex lines.

    And in my nearby location, Reno NV, it's the same. (We get earthquakes too.) The flex-line final, with a bend and a few extra inches of length, keeps the gas supply connections at and inside the WH...
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    Here's what I think....

    and the really funny thing is about this is, I think EVERYONE is correct in nearly ALL of the previous posts!

    First, I agree with others who have labeled Marc Edward's claim (quoted in post #1),...
  7. One interesting difference between the two condensing units...

    The shipping weight of the big-tanked, glass/ceramic lined BW unit is 570 lbs. (The lengthy heat transfer/condensing coil adds a lot of surface area, and it has to be lined on both sides. That's why...
  8. answers for questions above (from HJ and R.W.Bison in #1 and #2)

    OOPS! I left a typo up there which seems to have misled HJ badly. I'm writing this as a combined reply, because both posts are with respect to that key issue: the actual difference in annual saving...
  9. "Traditional" BW, or "Condensing" BW, or "Condensing" American?

    I'll be needing a new natural gas water heater, due to installation of an 85 gallon whirlpool/spa bathtub. I'd love to hear your opinions about four alternative models which I'm looking at. There are...
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