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    Clogged Exterior Drain

    I have a 2'x2'x2' collection basin at the bottom of my steep driveway. 4 inches up from the bottom of the basin is a 4 inch PVC pipe. That pipe runs under the driveway and deck and runs about 45/50...
  2. No I don't believe it is. It doesn't say XT...

    No I don't believe it is. It doesn't say XT anywhere. It just says SR 502 2 zone switching relay 9300-525
  3. Enertrol

    OK great. I'm pretty sure the timer is bypassed because it doesn't move at all no matter what time I set it for. I do have a Taco SR 502-2 connected to the boiler over by the water heater tank. ...
  4. Oil burner with Enertrol HWDT-R-S Settings

    I have a Smith BB14-*-3 Oil Boiler, Triangle Phase III Indirect Fired water heater, and an Enertrol HWDT-R-S.

    I just moved into the house and I'm trying to "get to know" my system and make sure...
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