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    sizing natural gas grill line.

    I have a 3/4 galvanized pipe coming out of my basement wall. I have a grill hooked up to 3/8 od copper
    pipe for about 10 years. I just move my grill location and have new bigger 5 burner model...
  2. I'm leaning towards a relay problem.

    I have a trane model twg025a 140b1. It's about 12 years old. The thermostat wires go into the unit. I suppose when I remove the side panel I'll see what's inside. I had a similar problem with my...
  3. Old honeywell thermostat a/c fan won't turn off.

    I have an old Honewell mercury thermostat with a a/c and heat back plate.
    It's been there maybe 20 years. I can turn the fan off and it still runs where it's on hear or cold. The heat is hot water...
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    Moen T4570 cartridge nut removal

    I want to replace cart# 1224 on my monticello widespread lav faucet.
    I got the tool but the nut isn't budging. The tool probabaly needs some
    holes to attach a lever. Is it okay to use wd40? Any...
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    I just replace 4 this weekend

    My window were standard 32w x15h. Went to HD and
    they were in stock. Might have to chip the concrete and
    be careful not to destroy the surrounding block. Then
    put a little caulking and mortar...
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    It's not easy but it can be done.

    Get a 3 foot point that's good for your soil type. If you have
    a basement and there's a hole for a sump pump, you'll be that
    much closer. I was told by a well digger in my area that if
    you run...
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    Thanks everyone.

    When you have a post BBQ grill the line runs underground.
    Tin lined sounds like the best bet with a flare (not a compression) fitting.
    In my area Galvanized is okay, the gas company even installed...
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    Installing Natural gas post BBQ

    I'm going to replace the 20 year old gas grill i put in 20+ years ago.
    I ran 3/8" copper underground to the grill and have a compression fitting after the gas cock.
    1. I heard compression on gas...
  9. The gas company put new lines in from the street...

    The gas company put new lines in from the street and moved the meter to the other side of the house and they ran galvanized themselves.

    I'll do an air test with low pressure, 5 lbs shouldn't blow...
  10. Thanks for the help.

    I was hoping for a short cut.
  11. Pressure testing a Natural gas line with air.

    I just ran 15 feet of galvanized pipe for my Natural gas line.
    This is a summer house so it only has a hot water heater and range.
    The gas meter is shut off and locked.
    Can a air pressure test...
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    I wanted to know what size compressor to use. I eventually bought a sears
    30 gallon and did each zone a couple times. I used schedule 40 pvc. I understand that the black plastic pipe in a roll...
  13. Replacing Burnham 140,000 BTU Gas/Hotwater system

    I'm thinking about replacing my Burnham 65W circa 1977 boiler with a newer
    model. The boiler had a tankless heater which is deactivated and was originally oil fired later converted to gas.
    I can't...
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    I was thinking of replacing my boiler

    I was going to replace my boiler. I have two zones with two flow controls.
    Are the worth the extra cost? I was told that if you manually open them they can heat the house via gravity. With the...
  15. Thread: water torture

    by cpeters

    Try wicking and pipe dope.

    It's like thread. They probably sell it a a plumbing supply house.
    Wicking then dope or dope then wicking. I don't think it matters.
    What matters is where it is leaking. The water may be...
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    Baseboard vs. fan convector

    My boiler has been piped to have an extra zone. There is an extra value at
    the header and an extra return with a cap.
    I'm going to run the extra zone along the wall. the basement area is 650...
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    Honeywell 4006a aquastat

    I have a hot water system which was converted from oil to gas many years ago. It also had a tankless heater which was replaced by a Rheem Natural gas unit.
    My question is this. The furance still...
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    What size air compressor is necessary?

    I need to blow out the sprinkler system for the Winter.
    I live in NJ and heard it need 150 psi compressor.
    I read somewhere else I need 40psi and 10 cfm?
    Any affordable compressors for under $400?...
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