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  1. Automated Pure Water 12"x60" Retention Tank - Good stuff or BS?

    Anyone out there using the Automated Pure Water retention tank? I'm tight on space and this product sounds to good to be true. A 12"x60" tank that out performs a 120 gal. tank. The design kind'a...
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    A reply! thank you thank you

    Hey drick,
    Thanks much for the reply.If you don't mind, I'd like to pick your brain since you have a working system.

    Backwash- My filter is set to backwash every day and it flows at 11gpm during....
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    High iron - failing filox system

    Howdy out there.
    New place, new well, pissed off girlfriend and kid! My water has high iron and is hard. My first concern was getting the iron out and filox seemed the answer.Water seemed good for a...
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