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  1. Vent tie in locations

    Just to make sure I understand for future reference.

    If I have a 2 story house and wish to use a single stand pipe as a vent, all the separate vent lines must be connected above the overflow...
  2. Connect above flood plane?

    Connecting above the flood plane, do you mean above the trap of the sink?

    All of the old pipes in this house are using the stand pipe as their vent, and the critical lengths don't match with...
  3. Can I tie a basement vent into drain pipe of upstairs sink?

    My stand pipe is galvanized, but the sink drain from upstairs sink is PVC. Can I tie the vent pipe into the existing drain (ie pipe in ceiling of basement) and make it a wet vent?
    Is this...
  4. Replies

    Venting questions for basement bathroom

    I'm putting a second full bath in our (soon to be) finished basement. I've got a 6' ceiling, so I'm cracking the floor and putting the pipes in cement.

    My problems or concerns revolve around...
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