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  1. here are some pictures

    here is a picture of connection inside my house. i'll get more up for you to check out
  2. The outside pipe looks like it's black with gray...

    The outside pipe looks like it's black with gray paint on it but rust is coming through. the inside rust looks like it's occurring at connection points (these connection don't look black) between...
  3. seems like the water heater connections are rusting after 1 month..is this normal?

    on 8/16/2010 i had a tankless rinnai water heater installed by my gas company and it seems that some of the pipe connections, in and outside of the house look like they are rusting. is this suppose...
  4. Replies

    questions about installing vessel sink

    I'm putting in a solid white vessel sink that has a flat bottom and i have a few questions.

    1. do i put silicone on the bottom of the vessel sink and then attach it to the vanity to keep it...
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