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  1. So, Terry, which do you recommend for the Drake? ...

    So, Terry, which do you recommend for the Drake? The 528T or the MaxPerformance ? Thanks
  2. This appears to be the correct replacement....

    Lavelle #528T Toto Replacement Fill Valve

    Looks like it is available via Amazon or Lowes.

    Their internet instructions for replacement looks simple.

    I thought the GMAX feature was tied...
  3. Replace Gmax valve -have non fix type,can I replace entire assembly with Korky type?

    This question was asked in 2009, but no response was made back then.(Ive got a Toto Drake)
    The issue is a constantly dripping vavle. Ive got the non-repairable type valve.
    here is the old...
  4. Question on dual direction clean-out installation....

    Replacing 4 inch main line from cast iron to ABS. The plumber will be installing a clean out outside of the house to clean the sewer line toward the city sewer . From reading in this forum, some of...
  5. Ok, here is the latest..... after installation of...

    Ok, here is the latest..... after installation of all the new drain lines to the original cast iron 4 inch main, we had a blockage...... I opted to have the plumber replace all of the cast iron main...
  6. Not trying to second guess you ....

    Thanks , your points totally make sense,......as my goal is to try to get this entire system to be as close to " trouble free" as possible, ....
    If I have them use 3" cutter or smaller and...
  7. 80 yr old home..advice on rebuild of entire plumbing system... snake main lines?

    I have an 80 yr old home in southern calif... built in 1929.
    All copper lines installed.
    I had all new drain lines from all sinks and tub, shower replaced with ABS down to the main 4 inch...
  8. 10 yrs old dishwasher

    The dishwasher is 10 yrs old .
    I will be buying some cascade and hope that works.
    Thanks all
  9. There is nothing electrical directly attached to...

    There is nothing electrical directly attached to the reservoir that I can see......
    Has anyone ever taken one of these things apart ?
  10. Model Kenmore

    Thanks for the request
    Kenmore Ultrawash
    665.15765691 kenmore
  11. How does the dshwshr rinse agent get into the rinse?

    Hi All
    The wife is indicating its time to get a new dishwasher.
    Dishes dont seem to be as clean as they used to be.
    Ive read all the threads on the topic.
    BUT, I have noticed that the rinse...
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    Water surface definition

    The water surface is the area in the bowl.
    The smaller the water surface, the more opportunity that "stuff" you deposit into the toilet will hit the sides.
    The more your "stuff" hits the sides, the...
  13. youve got private mail

    Youve got private mail
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    Try a website

    Go to La Habra Stucco, do a google.
    You will be amazed at what coatings are available from them. They have some roll on and spray on. I would not paint until I figured out what a stucco company...
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    Your thoughts contradict a study done at the univ of L.Angeles, but...

    Obviously there is some merit to your theory of copper and the corrosive properties of urine.
    All you have to do is look at what years of urine do to copper drain lines ...your site has...
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    Does "night seepage occur on the Toto Drake ?

    The Drake has a double air gap , at least that is what I understood from some drawings posted here.
    Does "toilet seepage" occur with the drake also ?
  17. Sink was a Kohler cast iron and Basket was a Home Depot unit

    The Sink was Kohler 9yrs old (I just picked up a 18gauge Elkay stainless sink)
    The basket was from Home Depot and its plating is worn off.(you get what you pay for)
    Will go with a better made...
  18. Bar Keepers friend, a substitute for Ajax...

    This is supposed to be fairly mild as a cleanser.
    A few scratches from aluminum pots in the sink, but nothing really heavy duty as far as cast iron pots hitting it.
    The sink was a disappointment...
  19. Stainless S,or Chrome for Basket Strainer/drain for Kitchen ?Too many scratches

    I am going to replace my kitchen sink and the basket strainer assembly (that screws into the sink with putty), is verrrry thrashed, you can see the brass right thru the scratches and what little...
  20. Is there any way to put some kind of coating on the sink ?

    Assuming Kohler thumbs their nose at me, what material can I use on it.
    Assuming I get rid of the thing, what brand of sinks are better?
  21. Kohler sink, stains easily...poor materials or just dont make them like they used to?

    I installed a Kohler double kitchen sink in my kitchen remodel 5 yrs ago. I thought this was a premium product....
    It is a cast iron enamel sink
    The issue is .... it seems to stain very easily. Any...
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    JB Weld Metal Epoxy

    Its actually been used on cast iron engine blocks.
    if the crack is cleaned properly, I believe if you do it right, you could be quite surprised what this material will do.
    For a few bucks, give it...
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    Thanks Terry for the help with the visuals on Gwyneth

    Much better than some of the other pix posted here.

    Have a good weekend
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    This is very disapointing

    I thought you were showing pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow.
    Not even close !
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    OK, what do you recommend for a kitchen sink faucet?

    Looks like the pros dont like HD or LO's stuff.
    What models or brands do you stand by?
    I am in the market for a faucet
    Thanks Gents
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