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    Thanks for your expertise

    I'm off to add the splice! Thanks
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    Mending Copper Oversized Tee?

    I'm removing and replacing a 3/4 copper Tee. Is there a supplier that makes a wider tee to make up for the 1/2 inch+ of copper tube I'll be cutting off?
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    Opensource communities

    I'm a big fan of the open source community. Almost all the software I use is free, and a few platforms I run businesses on. If you can be specific in what type of applications you are looking for, I...
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    Is sharing a single vent acceptable?

    I'm meeting with my plumber to go over his plans for my drainage and venting system. It is all new plumbing. The building is two story, 3 bath. One downstairs bath, two directly above back to back. I...
  5. Thanks to everyone here, I've refunded the...

    Thanks to everyone here, I've refunded the Whirlpool. It could of been my nightmare since I'm 3 1/2 hours away from my cabin should anything go bad. And I'm pretty much on my own up thar in the hills...
  6. Whirlpool has solved the problem!!!!

    Check out this electric tank water heater by whirlpool...
    The Smart Energy is just what people with cabins and vacation homes have been...
  7. More information...

    It is my cabin home, so guest come up for weekends and usally stay a couple of days.
    Bacteria? mmmmm, I did not think of that. Although, the water is not recommended for drinking. We only use it to...
  8. Combining an electric Tank with electric Tankless

    I've decided to replace a LP Gas Tank water heater with an electric tank water heater. In a 3 bath application where for the most part one bath is full
    time and the others only for guest. The baths...
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    Great advice from everyone..thanks!

    Based on the information you all have supplied me with, I've decided to remove the vent pipe. All the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen has been updated to code with proper venting. The vent line...
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    Vent... should it stay or should it go

    I have removed a shower and the drain for it from the line main. It had been between a full bathroom, laundry room and my kitchen. I easily meet the venting needed for the remaining fixtures on the...
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