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  1. Can Anybody Here Read Water Test Results? Need Help Deciding on Water Softner Type.

    We had our water tested so it could help us decide on what type of water softner is needed. Besides getting with the company that did the test for us, I would like to get some info from any of you...
  2. Best way to plumb the Pressure Tank to Jet Pump?

    I have a quick question.
    In the diagram below is Version "A" the best way to plumb the pressure tank using a "Tee"?
    I assume Version "B" is the less desirable way, since the water kind of goes back...
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    Why does it state "Do not reduce pipe size"

    I bought a house, it's on a share well. The well pumps water into a holding tank. Everybody has separate lines running from the holding tank to their homes.
    At the home, I have a pressure tank and...
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