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    Kohler Mastershower or RiteTemp?

    I posted in the shower forum but had no replies and think there is more activity in this area. Can anyone advise me - which would you install in your own shower????Thanks!

    Default Kohler system...
  2. Regarding freezing - we are in Southeast...

    Regarding freezing - we are in Southeast Pennsylvania and first had a garage laundry in California and loved it. When we blew out our kitchen here in SE-PA into the laundry rom, we relocated the W/D...
  3. Kohler system and valves- MasterShower or RiteTemp - which should we spec?

    We are spending a small fortune on a curb-less shower and want to make sure plumbing is properly spec'd. My designer thinks I am too involved but I want to better understand the options. Some of...
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