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    That's one fuzzy looking fitting

    Based on your picture its obvious to me that you're experiencing whats commonly referred to as dezincification. I may be able to put you in touch with someone that can help or at least give you some...
  2. Google Patent Search: Airflow regulating valve assembly

    Thought you all would be interested in seeing the full patent application for this little do-dad. The following link includes the full abstract, drawings, description, and related claims. I noticed...
  3. Thanks jimbo


    Thanks for the comment. I'm fairly certain Hawaii is under the UPC 97. The project is private rather than union. Hope this answers your question and thanks again for the comment.

  4. In search of a licensed journeyman or master in Hawaii

    Does anybody know of any good sites to seek out licensed plumbers in Hawaii? Current I'm looking for either a Journeyman or a Master to work on a project in Honolulu. Obviously if you're a licensed...
  5. I assume you're talking about the Edwards...

    I assume you're talking about the Edwards Aquifer? A couple of things you'll have to consider regarding the purchase/installation of a water softener. It's my understanding that in some cases these...
  6. TX Kitec Counsel

    Hello KITEC-VICTIM. From what I can gather their may be tons of Kitec victims in central Texas. In speaking to a few fellow plumbers and others within the industry it sounds like there may be a...
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    Questionable Zurn Fittings

    Hey burleymike. If you haven't done so already you might want to have a look at the class action website www.zurnclassaction.com. It's my understanding that this lawsuit claims that certain F1807...
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