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  1. installing toilets over wood flooring.

    Here is my one word of advice for a toilet over wood: AIM. :D

    Seriously, I have wood in a powder room, which has turned out to be the most used toilet in the house. The floor color is more oak,...
  2. Fed up with LoFlow

    You might appreciate this one....they put low-flow toilets in the US Senate building when they were the big thing to do and would save the planet.

    The building is old and the plumbing old, so...
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    Stray Cats

    I have a cat and he poops by my corn in the veggie boxes. So I spent a little time seeing what would distract him. Plant catnip at the other end of the yard. He goes there now, not in my vegtables....
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    Toto toilet keeps running

    thanks for the diagram. I couldn't find it and it really helps show which part the cap is. That lowe's site is one I found as well for cleaning out the filter screen. I think the filter screen is the...
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    My system has space for 18 stations, but I have...

    My system has space for 18 stations, but I have only 15. Remember the difference between a program and a station.

    What is the brand of the control box. I will try to explain this with my...
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    Toto toilet keeps running

    I FINALLY fixed my 2 toilets and pass this to anyone else who has this problem.

    The toilets flushed fine. But they would go to the top of the overflow pipe and keep running.

    I took the...
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