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  1. A boiler for the small new vacation house

    A modest 3 bed and 2 bath home will be built in a cold climate with a winter design temp of -20 F.

    As in many houses today, the common spaces are one large flowing series of volumes, and the...
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    Room enuf under the stairs?

    A small new house will be built over a 4-foot deep crawlspace foundation, and the mechanicals are planned to go in the space under the stairs. By doing that, we can permit a little better room for...
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    PVC SDR35 versus PVC SCH40

    I can tell from reading specs how these two pipe types differ. My question is about usage.

    The pic shows the plan view of the underslab waste and soil drains in a house being built. The line...
  4. How did "street" become fitting name?

    No definition needed for "street." I know what one is.

    But how in the world did the name come about? I've posted the Q on other forums, and struck out.
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    Is this valid?

    Forget code for the moment, and examine this, clipped from another site:

    4 in. soil pipe offers a more efficient way to dispose of solid material, but the introduction of low-volume toilets and...
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    Here. I rotated the model so you can see a...

    Here. I rotated the model so you can see a little better.

    How is the lav drain, with the re-vent going up and over to the 2" vent coming off the 4" below the toilet, redundant?

    Is the revent...
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    Basement DWV OK?

    Haven't done this yet, but planning it. The pic shows an "x-ray" view of below-the-walkout-basement-slab drain and waste lines.

    The 4" main at the R in the pic takes a 90 to run over and pick up...
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    No ejector

    The sewer lines come through the slab and the mains run under it and out to a septic tank.
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    Underslab DWV

    Planning new construction with basement bath and washing machine.

    Proposed arrangement of trenched-in DWV is attached. Sweeps, combos, and wyes will be used where required, and vent fittings will...
  10. Please review DVW scheme for basement

    The attached plan shows an area of a walkout basement, slab on grade, in which there is a full bathroom and an adjacent washer/dryer closet. As can be seen, all fixtures on this floor drain through...
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