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  1. Aquila

    It seems I'll be aiming at the small water target.. Do any of the tank additive solutions improve the exposed bowl surfaces to help? I'd think soap or other wetting agents slowly introduced into the...
  2. Warning regarding e F a u c e t s

    Hello All,

    Having read through Terry's great forums ~all night, I choose a CST464MF and ordered at e F a u c e t s. I then began finding negative comments about the small water surface and the...
  3. Sangloss

    Do you know if there is a reason not to offer the SanGloss finish? Reports on it's characteristics are so good.
  4. SanaGloss or not?

    Hi Terry,

    I just purchased a TOTO CST464MF-01.
    Will this have the SanaGloss finish or is there a different model number to obtain that. I'm hoping TOTO is using that finish now on all models, but...
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