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  1. Need help installing American Standard Boulevard Luxury Toilet Seat

    We have a Cadet 3 Ovation one piece toilet from Home Depot. The toilet seat that came with it wasn't close enough to the white of the toilet for my husband. You know how many whites there are. The...
  2. Installing new kitchen sink, why are there two wall drains?

    I have been hating my undermount dual compartment stainless sink for 8 years since I installed it. I have recently bought a big Kohler Vault sink. Its a drop in single compartment with the micro...
  3. American Standard Fairfield: Any opinions or experiences?

    I can't talk my husband into buying the Toto Ultimate MS854114-01 . He found a different one piece elongated for less money and keeps asking me what's wrong with it? I can't find any reviews of it ....
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