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  1. look at these pumps


    i had a similar issue, needing to replace rigid brand pumps with crazy amp draw.

    I went with this model and I was able to get it done for about $1,000,...
  2. sensor input to alarm or similar is a better choice

    I have a dual pump system, one main a/c pump and a dc back up. the back up pump has a charger/monitoring system that has an output that can be wired to an open sensor point in most home alarm...
  3. sump pump discharge line size - is 1.5" PVC enough?

    My submersible sump pump is rated at 55 GPM at 10ft of head. The discharge pipe rises from the pit, to the basement ceiling and then across the basement to discharge on the other side of the house.
  4. thoughts and opinions on the SJE D-Master pump switch

    Several forum members swear by the SJE Rhombus Verticalmaster pump switch.

    It looks like SJE has another product, the SJE D-master, which is another pump switch, but it is a non-tethered, pressure...
  5. a few thoughts

    1. Don't be afraid to use a larger diameter pipe, like 2 or larger.
    2. Use schedule 40
    3. set the pipe in some gravel so that you don't develop low spots that freeze later on after the pipe settles...
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    I dumped the hydrocheck in 96 hours

    The hydro check was terrible. During a period of peak flow, the hydrocheck became unreliable - because the sump filled quickly, the contact wouldn't reset and the switch failed to act - so it was...
  7. WTB: vertical float with about 10" travel OR double float

    I have a submersible pump and, after researching on this site, determined that I have been pumping out groundwater because the pump's integrated float switch is too short.

    I could probably put the...
  8. thanks as much fun as this could be and a...


    as much fun as this could be and a great opportunity to buy more tools, i think i'm going to split the job with a pro - i'll handle the ditch and let the pro finish it up!

    thanks again.
  9. how to pipe the sump discharge into street catchbasin

    I'll leave the sordid story of my twice wet basement for another time, but I received permission from my town to pipe my sump (and gutter) discharge into the catchbasin.

    You see, I live on the...
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    thanks for the feedback on scale! It arrived...

    thanks for the feedback on scale! It arrived today to work as the switch after the integral switch in my abs robusta pump failed. i'll watch it carefully.
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    understood - others have extolled the virtues of...

    understood - others have extolled the virtues of pedestal pumps but your clarification makes sense. thanks.
  12. the only switch, right now, is the one integral...

    the only switch, right now, is the one integral to the pump -- so there is no separate plug or wire or anything.

    thanks re SJM switch - i may order it; i have a hydrocheck HiLo electronic switch...
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    what is the consequence of being in the bottom of...

    what is the consequence of being in the bottom of the pit?

    why is that "not at all nice"?
  14. Reputation of ABS Robusta sump pump / sump pump configuration issues

    Given the failure of the integral float switch in less than one year of operation, I'm interested in the members' opinion of the ABS Robusta sump pump.

    My plumber installed a submersible ABS...
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    Opinions - HydroCheck HiLo Switch

    For a variety of reasons, this is on the way to me because the float switch integral to the ABS Robusta 1/2hp pump in the sump pit has finally failed after 72 hours of intermittent error. You should...
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