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    Toto Eco Drake

    I had the Toto Eco Drake installed about a month ago and I love this toilet. It works very well and I have had no problems with it. I chose the elongated seat model and it looks great in my small...
  2. Flange fittings for replacing an older toilet


    Yes, the bolt hole closest to the wall is exactly 11 1/4", so it should just fit. I have no idea if they glued the toilet down. Unfortunately, this is a one bathroom house.

    I was...
  3. Flange fittings for replacing an older toilet


    I'm replacing my 50+ year old original toilet with a new EcoDrake model. There is no center bolt on this old toilet. Can anyone make some guesses about what issues I might face once the...
  4. [QUOTE=malpower;113278]Just this morning we were...

    [QUOTE=malpower;113278]Just this morning we were saying that we probably should have bought a round Drake Eco for the small downstairs bathroom just because the elongated one we just put in pokes out...
  5. New TOTO Eco Drake Toilet

    I searched quite a bit on the internet looking for a new toilet that is on our Miami-Dade County rebate list (up to $100). I have a small 1950's bathroom and the longer elongated seat toilets just...
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