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  1. I'm renovating my master bath+want to install mult shower heads and body sprays

    I'm renovating my master bath and I have a few plumbing questions related to the plumbing for the walk in shower. I have a friend who's a plumber who's going to do the plumbing work for the shower,...
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    Drain for washer/dryer combo

    I am moving into the apartment upstairs in the building I am renovating. The place came with a stacked washer/dryer combo unit that I have to move from its original location. The only place I can...
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    I'm very relieved to hear that it can be fixed!...

    I'm very relieved to hear that it can be fixed! There is some slack in it, so hopefully it can be fixed with a coupling. As for the nail guard, it was running parallel to the joist, not through the...
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    Help! Just nicked CSST with a drill!

    I was running the data lines for my new house when I was drilling a hole in a joist. I always look on the other side before I drill, yet somehow this time I forgot. When I was threading the cable...
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    Toilet drain pipe running sideways?

    I am helping my brother with his bathroom remodel. It is a 100+ year old house that has been updated at various times over the years. When we took up the subfloor near the toilet, I noticed that the...
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