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  1. Best method to reroute 1/2" copper supply line to allow Vent duct through wall?

    Long story short: The wife bought an Over the range Microwave with a built in fan that can be ducted to the outside. My present cooktop has a down draft vent that I was going to try and reuse the...
  2. Thanks for the quick response wjcandee ! ...

    Thanks for the quick response wjcandee !

    Should I mess with trying to fasten the flange to the concrete? It is solidly supported. I would need to drill the concrete with the flange in place.
  3. Advice: replace or leave existing Closet Flange


    I am replacing the existing tile floor on a concrete slab in my powder room with new tile. I pulled the toilet and found the pvc flange was almost flush with the tile, 1 wax ring was used; it...
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