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    had same problem and it was not the plumbing

    I had a similar bad smell problem and it took a long time to figure out. I poured water down every drain in the basement and covered drain openings that weren't used. Nothing. The sewage pipe out of...
  2. red eye explained

    About the red eye, I'm just sensitive to it. But without any filters I look like I have a hangover after a shower. People noticed my eyes. Our skin also had red blotches on it before starting with...
  3. What about the water table?

    One last thing.

    How deep is the water table beneath your home?

    I live near Chicago and the water table is a few feet below my house. I'm ok except for when the ground is saturated or if there...
  4. Thanks for feedback

    Andy CWS,

    Thanks for the idea about the chlorine test kit. I'll look into it. The 20 micron GAC-BB filter was maybe 4 1/2 months old when I replaced it. Water was starting to taste 'normal' again...
  5. Backup sump pumps are a necessity, in my opinion

    About the back up pump ... Get one.

    I just put in a Glentronics Big Dog. It's not cheap. Expect to spend maybe $650 retail including battery. Installation is extra unless you do it (not hard ......
  6. discharge away from house might help

    For the sump that is for ground water ... is discharged water getting far away from the house? Maybe 8 to 10 feet away? If it is just going out of the house and no further, you are probably recycling...
  7. whole house water filter cartridges - facts needed

    I had a water softener installed last year and included a 10 inch big blue style whole house water filter. I asked for it because I wanted to reduce chlorine from my city water (good quality). I...
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    answered my original question

    To answer my original question ... Probably not ok.

    Theoretically, it works. On the downside, it created drag on my Big Dog pump that was obvious. I went back to a traditional install with 1 in...
  9. follow up on original post

    In case anyone wondered, the 1/3 HP Champion sump pump is a winner. Easy install, SJE Rhombus vertical float switch, 40 gpm at 10 feet, and quiet. The company is not as well known as Zoeller or...
  10. Going To Try A Champion with Rhombus Float Switch


    Thank you for your reply.

    The primary pump I am replacing is a 9 year old 1/3 HP Hydromatic with a diaphragm switch. The pump still works but I thought 9 years is a little old and I...
  11. Wayne's Genius Switch Isn't That Smart

    Yesterday I installed a "Big Dog" backup pump and am pleased with it.

    Last week I replaced my primary pump with a Coleman 1/3 HP. Upon testing it again after the Big Dog install, it failed to...
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    4 bends in sump pump pvc ok?

    I'm replacing my backup sump pump with a basement watchdog 'big dog' today.

    In order to make the cover of the pit fit I will have to add a bend in the pvc so that the pvc goes through the slot in...
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    Thanks. I'll look for solar salt.

    Thanks. I'll look for solar salt.
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    solar salt vs system saver pellets

    I recently had a water softener installed and it's time to buy more salt.

    The installer stressed, several times, I should use solar salt and not the pellets. The system saver pellets are just...
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    2 check valves on 1 line ok?

    I just replaced my sump pump. I put in a 1/3 HP Coleman (little giant) 50gpm @ 5' w/ 1/2" solids ok, replacing a functional 9 yr old hydromatic with a diaphragm switch. (9 years of use seemed to be...
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