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    Cultured marble tub

    ok guys, gotta good deal on a large cultured marble tub + surround from local manufacter. My first pick was a large cast iron tub but no way for me to easily move it in the house. Cultured marble...
  2. Any suggestions on Brand/Material of new Bathtub

    I am looking at purchasing and installing a 5' 36''-42'' (acrylic or cast iron) tub. No whirlpool. Any suggestions on a brand? I was looking at Kohler? Looking for something deep and wide for the...
  3. Turning walkin shower stall into bathtub/shower combo

    Current shower drain (2" pipe) runs 5 feet, under slab, to vent stack (5" cast iron vent pipe) of toilet. Will need to move the drain 3ft to wall for new tub.
    After moving the drain,...
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