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  1. Mini's or Gas

    Thank you - looks like I have my work cut out for me this summer on figuring out what to do and how.
    Would replacing the oil burner with gas be a viable option?
    I know natural gas is cheap now, but...
  2. Correction

    Hey guys, wen I turn the dial on the low limit all the way down it's at 100, not 0 - my mistake.
    So low is all the way down at 100 and high is at 120. I don't hear it firing - it's been 80-90F here...
  3. Hi/Lo Limits

    So if I turn the low limit all the way down the boiler shouldn't cycle much to maintain temp, correct? (coil has been cut off).
    Right now I have the Low limit to 0 and the high to 120 for the...
  4. Thread: Oil Tank

    by olimazi

    Oil Tank

    Hey guys,

    I have an oil fired boiler with a 250 gallon tank above ground - oil line fed from the bottom.
    Recently some oil company filled my tank without my permission.
    They said they can come...
  5. Old Beastie

    Dana, Thanks for the elaborate response. I found myself googling alot of the things you mentioned - including AFUE and the Intellicon optimizer.
    I'm a little hesitant to install this device only...
  6. Arcoliner

    Hey Tom, can you explain to me how it would leak when it gets cold? Is it because the cast iron is thermally expanded when it's hot, and when it cools off will contract expose holes? Just guessing......
  7. American Standard Arcoliner - Control for Domestic Hot Water


    I got an old American Standard Arcoliner oil fired boiler w/ tankless coil for DHW which we just converted to a 40 gal electric hot water heater.
    The coil is cut off - so no water feeds...
  8. Replies

    Tankless Coil - which way to clean?

    I have a 5gpm tankless coil in my oil fired boiler;
    I've come to the conclusion that it's clogged with minerals
    from the hard water out of my well.
    The cold water pressure is fine - the hot out of...
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