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  1. Is 1 1/2" drain pipe ok for shower drain? and 2nd floor P-trap question...

    The bathroom is completely gutted. We're getting ready to put the PVC drain pipe in for the shower and it needs to go through 2 or 3 joists to join the main stack. I notice all the shower drains...
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    Surface mount shower control?

    We're thinking of putting in a pocket door that will slide into the wall where the shower control and hot/cold water lines are currently planned -- is there such a thing as a surface mounted mixing...
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    Does a 66" x 30" acrylic tub exist?

    I am helping a friend remodel her bathroom. We have gutted to the studs and have a rough clearance of 67" x 31". We can probably go 32" wide if we notch into the bathroom door jamb casing.
    I like...
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