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  1. MORE HELP!!cracks in fiber-glass shower walls..

    hi all,
    looks like I have another one coming my way..
    I noticed that there are couple of cracks in my fiberglass-shower walls.

    to clarify , cracks are in the shower walls onlu and not the...
  2. thx for the replies guys.. I don't see any ...

    thx for the replies guys..
    I don't see any standing water on the bathroom floor.
    also no clauking problems.
    looks like i'll have to cut open the ceiling to see what's going on
  3. HELP!! Wet stains on ceiling under shower tub

    2 days ago we noticed 2 big patches coming up on the ceiling under the bathtup(which is on the 2nd flr) . took the measurements and the patches are forming on the opposite side of the shower drain...
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