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    While I have never heard of using spackle for...

    While I have never heard of using spackle for this purppose, it seems to me that using a matierial that won't turn to mush in a moisture environment would be more suitable.

    Take jadnashua's...
  2. Thanks for both replies, Jim. For the...

    Thanks for both replies, Jim.

    For the swanstone, I am firring out the backerboard for ease of "dropping in" the pan.

    Also did a "reality" test with a water jug and open line, flows at about 6...
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    Swanstone Shower Pan Installation

    I Plan to install a 34x54 Swantone Shower pan as part of my remodeling job.

    Unfortunately, Swanstone's instructions are, quite simply, awful. (For example, they recommend plain drywall under the...
  4. Dual Shower Head Installation - Moentrol?

    What a great site. I am currently remodeling my bathroom (formerly pinnk tile, black bullnose).

    Doing pretty well thus far. I can handle general plumbing techniques (sweating, cutting, waste,...
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