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  1. Thank you all for the advice!

    Thank you all for the advice!
  2. Pressure issue with new Delta 134900 Tub/shower faucet

    I hope someone can help with this problem. We bought a Foreclosure home for our daughter. We installed a new tub/shower & also a new Delta 134900 Tub/shower Faucet. After installing, & flushing...
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    Comment about this site & PB Blaster

    I want to say this site is a GEM!

    I found out about PB Blaster on this forum. I had to repair an old drippy Peerless kitchen faucet, but couldn't get the cap off to get to the seats & springs. ...
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    Saddle Valve into flex water supply line?

    We are going to change out our Kitchen sink & faucet. We want to use the flexible Faucet Supply Lines, but don't know if we can tap into the cold water flexible faucet supply line with a Saddle...
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