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    Hi all and thanks....so would that thing proposed...

    Hi all and thanks....so would that thing proposed by Redwood and seconded by Terry be a standard/widely available item (ie Big Orange Box) or do I need to make the separate trip to my plumbing house?...
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    Transition fitting from CPVC to PEX


    I'm remodeling a bath and in the wall I am suprised to see CPVC running up to the shower valve. The rest of the house is copper so I'm guessing this was an earlier remodel.
    The CPVC is in...
  3. 3 function valve (spout, handheld, wall mount)


    I'm a GC and my plumber doesn't keep up with new products very well so maybe some of you guys/gals have some ideas.

    For a bathtub with shower, my customer wants a tub spout and for most of...
  4. thanks!

    Will do and report back any weirdness...
  5. HJ and all - trying to get a response

    I don't mean to press but it has been a week and I didn't hear back from HJ or another plumbing expert. Can someone read my original post and my follow-up and help me sort things out? I'm doing...
  6. PS It's cast iron...

    Hi HJ

    So you think the valve box isn't a good idea? I'm afraid of people not knowing where this cleanout is in the future...

    you say "...glue on a female adapter"> I guess I should have been...
  7. Sewer cleanout outside house is 8 inches too tall

    Hi all

    The cast iron sewer cleanout for my house is in a bad spot to be sticking up so high. It is about 10 feet outside my foundation wall and appears to be a 3" pipe sticking vertically out of...
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    Code question: reducing in the toilet drain

    I am replumbing my 1st floor bath and have lots of headroom (altitude) in my basement ceiling below. Because of my need to come off the top of the trap arm in the basement with a 2 inch vent, I think...
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    Thanks! Yeah, these are 1916 "old school" 2x4s. ...

    Thanks! Yeah, these are 1916 "old school" 2x4s.

    So if I'm following what you are saying: I should cut out a 3 9/16ths section of the top plate (and hope that the siding and the sheetrock holds...
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    advice for drilling for 3-inch waste


    It didn't take me long to discover that I like self-feeding bits for drilling through studs and plates for my vent and drain lines. I have a medium duty 1/2" Dewalt right angle drill...
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