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  1. Boiler expansion tank replacement: steel expansion vs bladder?

    My 48" x 12" horizontally mounted steel expansion tank has developed a pinhole leak (it's 40 years old but has otherwise served me well) and needs to be replaced as the PRV is opening due to excess...
  2. Thanks to all respondents!

    Thanks to all for the enlightening (and at times philosophical) discussion on pressure and cycling!

  3. follow-up question to tank pressure

    Thanks for the info. Will the water pressure delivered both to my house and my irrigation system suffer if I lower the pressure to 40-60 psi in order to reduce cycling?
  4. Does pressure affect Well Xtrol tank bladder life?

    I have a brand-new 85 gal Well Xtrol bladder tank and upon installation increased the air pressure above the bladder from 38 psi to 46 psi since my pressure switch is set at 48-68 psi. Will this...
  5. I meant to say "valveman" in the prior reply!

    I meant to say "valveman" in the prior reply!
  6. Re: Pressure switch re-set

    Thanks for the advice, pumpman. I'll give it a try in the next day or two.
  7. Reset Pumprtol pressure switch to factory preset levels

    I've fiddled with a new Square D Pumptrol pressure switch which was factory set at 40-60psi and would now like to get it back to the "home" factory pre-set condition without having to use trial and...
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