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  1. Judd Maltin
  2. Davo3
    Have a plastic vent pipe connected to a cast iron pipe through the roof. Getting condensation and causing ceiling damage. Any solutions?
  3. CdnMaple
    Retired and loving it
  4. Bob harvey
    Bob harvey
    How to know if delta lavatory faucet is pre 1972. It has a 1962 patent pending marking. Other than that, no other markings except Delta.
  5. Eugene Trask
    Eugene Trask
    Fleck 2510sxt iron removal. The control screen comes on and flashes, but nothing on the screen. I have reset and unplugged still nothing.
  6. Jinta Backy
    Jinta Backy
  7. Jinta Backy
    Jinta Backy
  8. Terry
    Terry masterpumpman
    Thanks for the update Valveman. Yes, he will be missed.
  9. valveman
    valveman masterpumpman
    "Porky" Howard Cutter passed away in January 2017.
    He was a great friend and mentor to many.
    He will be missed!
    1937 to 2017 may he rest in piece.
    "That's all Folks"
  10. mdavis689o
    mdavis689o ditttohead
  11. Grunt
    He who hoots with the owls by night may not soar with the eagles by day.
  12. TMont Plumbing
    TMont Plumbing
    T-Mont Plumbing & Heating company offers plumbing services throughout NJ and Essex County.
  13. DanG43
    DanG43 Terry
    Hi - I have a 1.25" sand point well that's about 27 feet deep, with water at about 24 feet (elevation is 1435'). There used to be an old dual-piston pump that could pull water from it, but it was stolen long ago. Someone told me they no longer make those old dual-piston pumps so I'm trying to find out which makes/models would work so I can try to find one. Or maybe you know of a newer type that would work?
  14. Thermodyne Boilers
    Thermodyne Boilers
    Deals in fuel fired boilers, Electrode type boilers, Industrial Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Coil Type Boilers, Hot Water Generators
  15. Bub
    Bub Terry
    Why do i have insufficient privileges to post ?
  16. Sandra Wang
    Sandra Wang
    Hello,I am Sandra from China.I am a exporter of solar water heater.If you need,you can consult
  17. Sandra Wang
    Sandra Wang
    Hello,I am Sandra from China.I am a exporter of solar water heater.If you need,you can consult
  18. Shamoil karachiwala
    Shamoil karachiwala
    Pool Filters is a Georgia based well-known online shop, specialize in delivering swimming pool filters, spa filters for more than 15 years.
  19. Another Terry
    Another Terry Terry
    After having replaced multiple parts (some of them multiple times!) over the past few years on my Kohler toilets, I'd decided to find a Toto based on reputation for reliability and efficiency. I have read the specs and reviews for every model Toto makes at this point. Still confused. May I ask which model you installed in your daughter's home?
    1. Another Terry
      Another Terry
      I narrowed the field a little due w/requirements that it be ADA height and elongated bowl. I would like a model to which I can add a washlet in the future (unless you recommend buying one already included). Additionally, I would like to get a model that is skirted (concealed trap)
      Feb 5, 2017
  20. Hugo Lam
    Hugo Lam
    I handle **it.